3 Ways to Market Your Seattle Property Online

Explore Three Ways to Showcase Your Home by Utilizing the Internet.

If you’re looking to sell your home or condo in Seattle, one of the best ways to do this is through the Internet. Here are some of the ways you can best market your home online once you’ve found an agent.


Likely, the first thing people are going to see when looking for homes is an online listing. Because of this, one of the best ways you can market your property is by making sure your pictures show off your property in the best way possible. While your description is also important, photos provide a visual for buyers to really get a feel if the property is right for them. They provide an opportunity for people to see the full beauty and space of your property. Make sure you take good photos of the front of your home as well as all of the rooms inside. It’s important to not only take photos but to take photos that are effective and visually appealing. Maximize natural lighting by opening the curtains to show off your property’s beauty. You also want to make sure you’re showing off the space in your home, so declutter and tidy each room beforehand.

Virtual Tours

Beyond photos that can be posted online, something that can take the online experience for potential buyers to the next level is providing a virtual tour of your property. These videos will show off what your house looks like all the way through—without buyers having to physically come and walk through it. These virtual tours are successful because they give the buyer a sense of what your home or property is actually like from all angles. Properties listed alongside virtual tours also get more views than those without, meaning you get more potential buyers. 

Social Media

One thing that most people do each day is check social media. What better way to market your property than by utilizing this incredibly valuable tool that we all already use? While your agent will post your property listing on websites meant specifically for real estate, sharing it with your own Facebook network or any other networking site—such as Instagram or Twitter—can help expand your property’s visibility. Someone you know might be looking or know somebody who’s interested in the property. There is even a dedicated Facebook group for property in the Seattle area. Social media can be an essential tool when it comes to selling your property online!

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