4 Must-Try Landscaping Ideas for Your Seattle Home

In rainy Seattle, you should have no trouble keeping your lush, green lawn looking fantastic or your beautiful front yard flowers perfectly watered! But how do you landscape your home? 

Read on for some top tips on how to get your Seattle home’s landscaping looking as appealing as possible.

  1. Incorporate the weather into a rain garden

If you’ve lived in the Seattle area for a while, you know the drill: it’s wet. Don’t let the weather get you down — use the drizzles to your advantage by creating a beautiful rain garden! After setting up the garden, it will run completely on stormwater runoff, so you won’t need to trek out there with a watering can to maintain it. 


A rain garden can actually be great for your property, as it will help prevent erosion and flooding — and of course, it’ll look fantastic in the process! Fill your rain garden with some gorgeous plants that thrive in the Pacific Northwest climate — beach strawberries, daylilies, and Oregon grapes will all work wonderfully.

  1. Fill your yard with perennials

It can be tricky to choose the right plants and flowers for your landscaping, so keep in mind that gardeners recommend perennials for the Pacific Northwest. These plants are notoriously low maintenance and come back on their own each year after the dormant season, unlike annuals, which must be replanted each spring. Choose from stunning and colorful flowers like red valerian, bellflower, and Pacific bleeding heart to brighten up your yard!

  1. Set up a unique fire pit

Backyard fire pits are all the rage these days — they allow friends and family to gather while roasting marshmallows or chatting on a chilly night. Spruce up your Seattle home’s landscaping by constructing a fire feature, like this Lummi Island basalt stone fire pit, which was hollowed out and plumbed with natural gas. These clean-burning fire pits can add a unique touch to your backyard landscaping.

  1. Swap out dirt for mulch

Set an attractive backdrop for your plants by adding mulch to your landscape beds. Adding a layer of mulch can make the bed look more complete, but it also helps prevent weeds — which can easily sprout up in Seattle’s rainy climate — and assist your plants in retaining all the moisture they receive. Landscape fabric also serves as great protection against weeds that might try to spring up under the mulch. If you opt for an organic mulch, like wood chips or bark, be advised that they’ll need regular replacement each spring; rocks or rubber will typically last longer.


Ready to get to work on landscaping your beautiful Seattle home? Contact Seattle real estate agents Hal Rappaport and Jeff Green today for help finding the luxury home of your dreams!

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