Exploring 3 of Seattle's Most Beautiful Architectural Styles

From Cape Cod to Colonial, Explore Popular Home Styles in Seattle.

As the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, it makes sense that Seattle would be home to an incredibly diverse palette and an array of architectural styles. The following guide explores some of the most beautiful types of architecture found throughout the city.

Cape Cod

There is something about a classic Cape Cod home that is quintessentially American. Originating in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the architectural style predominates in residential homes and looks, fittingly, like a beachside cottage. Cape Cod homes are known for being relatively unadorned, modest, and practical.
They're usually constructed with clean lines, wood siding, shingled roofs, side gables, and a central chimney. While they originated in New England, their practical design made them popular during wartime because of their subdued vibe and classic Americana aesthetic. Affordable and easy to construct, Cape Cod homes became one of the predominant housing styles after WWII.

Queen Anne 

There is an entire neighborhood in Seattle named for the Queen Anne architectural style in which many early homes were built. A few of the first houses constructed along the southern slope of the hill where the neighborhood sits are still standing today.
Americans appreciated the design, which originated in the United Kingdom, because it reminded them of their colonial past with elegant designs, steeply pitched roofs, front-facing gable, patterned shingles, and round towers. Although in Seattle, these houses usually used all wood in construction rather than partial brick or stone.
Many of the Queen Anne homes were full of grandeur and charm, emanating a sense of nobility and elegance. Today, most original Queen Anne homes are gone and replaced by new construction, even in the namesake neighborhood. The Colonial Revival style of architecture eventually usurped the Queen Anne style.


Similar to Cape Cod-style homes, Dutch Colonial is a kind of domestic architecture reminiscent of the early farmhouses. It is a subtype of the Colonial Revival style, which is prevalent in both residential and commercial buildings throughout Seattle. The revival of colonial homes started in the late 19th century when Americans began to romanticize their colonial roots.
Hallmarks of this particular style include the four-piece roofline and heavy moldings. These homes are typically distinguished by their steep gambrel roofs and a porch, either full or partial-width.
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