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Luxury Bathroom Updates for Your Seattle Home

Living in Washington’s largest city surrounded by the gigantic tech industry can make life stressful. Although you wouldn’t have it any other way, finding ways to relax and take care of yourself is important. 


Without booking constant trips to the spa, how can you pamper yourself at home? With a few luxury bathroom updates and additions, you can make your Seattle home feel like an oasis from the city.

Heated Floors

Waking up to step on the cold bathroom floor and begin your day isn’t a pleasant experience. But imagine if you could wake up to heated bathroom floors or enjoy them after a shower? 


Radiant heating mats are a luxury you won’t be able to part with once you experience them. These heating mats can be placed under your tiling of choice for a reasonable price. 

Towel Warmers

While we’re on the subject of a toasty bathroom experience, we also recommend towel warmers. To preserve the luxurious aesthetic, opt for a heated towel rack instead of a standing towel warmer. Blending in with your style, these amenities provide you with a warm, dry towel after showering. Not only will this bring a smile to your face, but it’s also actually better for your health. These towel warmers keep your towels dry, which reduces mildew and other allergens that are harmful to your health.

Electronic Mirrors

Smart mirrors are the perfect addition for your Seattle home in the middle of the tech hub. These mirrors offer lighting options based on the time of day or mood. Certain mirrors can even be enhanced further to upgrade your space. Upgrades include vanishing messages, dimming capabilities, color technology, Bluetooth, and a clock. 

Cozy Fireplace

Installing a fireplace in your bathroom will make this a space you’ll never want to leave. Tucked away from the activities going on in the rest of the home, you’ll have this fireplace all to yourself. There are so many ways to make a fireplace blend in with the existing aesthetic of your bathroom, whether you choose something neutral or more of a statement piece. 

Walk-Through Shower

A walk-through shower tucked behind a luxury tub is the perfect hideaway. With two entrances and an abundance of space, a walk-through shower easily accommodates two. Adding a window in the shower above the tub makes the shower a focal point of your room. With these sleek touches and upscale finishes, you’ll want to highlight your shower space. 

If you’re looking for a piece of Seattle luxury real estate with a bathroom full of new amenities, contact Hal & Jeff Homes. As some of the best real estate agents in Seattle, Hal and Jeff can help you find a bathroom you’ll never want to leave.

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