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Making Your New House Move-In Ready

Congratulations on your move! Parting with a home in which you’ve created many memories can be an emotional experience. Moving to a new house however provides you the opportunity for a fresh start. Before you unload the moving truck and start unpacking, there are some basics you need to take care of. Deep cleaning is the most important.

Whether you’re renting or buying, giving your house a thorough cleaning is necessary. New construction leaves dust and debris in unexpected places and an established home is only as clean as its previous owner. Cleaning without the obstruction of furniture and boxes makes the process easier. While cleaning, identify things in the house that need repairing or replacing. Make sure you have all the cleaning supplies you need to get the job done right (though it’s extremely important to keep these chemicals and cleaning supplies under lock and key if you have children or pets). Here are some more pointers to get you going, brought to you below by Hal & Jeff Homes.

Clean One Room at a Time

Before you begin cleaning, map out a plan of attack for maximum efficiency. This will also make your cleaning manageable and less tedious.  Start with the most difficult rooms and the most important in terms of functionality. Prioritize the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

In the bathroom, all the surfaces need to be cleaned and disinfected. Use a vinegar solution and a sponge to remove the soap scum on the tub, shower and other fixtures including faucets, door handles and glass shower door.  For the toilet, replace the seats, clean the tank then scrub and disinfect all around, inside and out.

In the kitchen, clean any lingering spills and crumbs between cracks, inside major appliances, inside cabinets and on the walls. Scrub the sink, wipe down the counters and mop the floor.

Clean From the Top

Cleaning the top will rain down dust on the features at the bottom and get them dirty. Use a duster or the vacuum’s telescopic wand to clean dust, cobwebs and dander from top corners, ceiling, light features, fans and vents. Work your way down as you clean.

Wipe down the windows with a window cleaner. Use a bleach cleanser and an abrasive sponge to scrub away the mold or mildew on the window frames or window sills. Vacuum the blinds, roller shades or other window coverings to remove dust before cleaning them with detergent and water.

Finish with the floors by vacuuming and mopping the surface. You can use a steam cleaner to remove allergens and improve the air quality in the house.

Improve the Air Quality

A deep clean involving dusting, vacuuming and steam cleaning goes a long way in improving the air quality in your new home. Make sure you use the right equipment to maximize efficiency. While you are cleaning your new home, do not neglect the air ducts. Dust and airborne allergens trapped in the ducts can spread through the HVAC system destroying the air quality and worsening existing health issues. Remove debris, mold and mildew that may be growing on the surfaces and dry the moisture. You can contract an HVAC professional with the right skills and equipment for the job.   

Change the HVAC filters since you can’t be sure when the previous tenants changed them. You will need to change your filters regularly depending on factors such as pets and allergies. Installing a whole-house air purification system will reduce the frequency with which you change your HVAC’s air filters. It will also improve the efficiency of the HVAC system by trapping pollutants to reduce dust build-up and reducing its workload of heating and cooling your home.

Final Touches

Make sure you track all the improvements you make to your new home during the deep clean including installing the whole-house air purification system. This will boost your home’s appraisal value when you decide to sell it eventually. 

Oh, and when it comes time to bring in your own furniture, make sure you aren’t undoing all your hard work by bringing in couches and chairs that are dirty. It might be worthwhile to hire a pro furniture cleaner to make sure you’re starting things off on the right foot.

Moving into a dirty house can take away from the excitement of a fresh start. Avoid the hassle of dusting around your belongings and moving furniture around by cleaning your new home before moving in.

When you’re ready to start looking for that perfect new property, let the pros at Hal & Jeff Homes help you through the process. Get in touch with us today so we can get started! By Annabelle Harris

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